Sarasa Comet Goldfish

Sarasa Common Goldfish
Sarasa Common
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Sarasa Common Goldfish

Sarasa Comet Goldfish

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Sarasa Comet Goldfish

Sarasa Comets (Carassius auratus), also known as Sarasa Commons, are a member of the goldfish family. They have a crisp white background with solid red markings, a slender body and a straight tail fin. They range in size from 1.5" to as large as 14".

Sarasa Comets are a stunning fish and their color markings resemble the Kohaku patterns in koi and butterfly koi. With no two fish with the same color pattern, each fish is unique. There are two tail variations as well. Sarasa Comets have a distinct "V" shape to their tail, allowing their tail to be very long and flowing. Sarasa Commons have a rounded, short tail. We have both varieties available, but find the "V" shaped Sarasa Comet to be the more popular choice of the two.

Like all other goldfish, sarasa comets are hatched from an egg and are smaller than an eyelash in the first days of life. Amazingly, by 45 days they will grow to a marketable size of 1.5" - 2.5" but will need additional time for their color patterns to develop.

Sarasa Comets are a community goldfish and will do great in any freshwater aquarium setting with all other goldfish, including red fantails, calico fantails, shubunkins, pond comets and common goldfish. However, their most popular purpose is in outdoor garden ponds. They are very active and can be placed in the same pond as koi and butterfly koi.

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