Aquatic Trapdoor Snails

Aquatic Trapdoor Snails
Trapdoor Snails
Trapdoor snails are live bearing
Snails in a pond before harvesting

Aquatic Trapdoor Snails

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Aquatic Trapdoor Snails

Trapdoor Snails (Viviparis Malleatus) are freshwater snails that are tranquil, non-aggressive algae eaters. They are the preferred species of snail for recreational and professional pond keepers looking to promote a balanced ecosystem. It can over-winter well and survive in a wide range of climates. Trapdoor snails tend to the bottom and sides of ponds and aquariums consuming algae and decaying matter such as leaves, excess fish food and even fish waste. They are slow moving and very cautious animals and can stay secure in their shells for hours or even days before coming out. Do not be alarmed if they are motionless for a period of time. Our snails range in size depending on age and time of year, but will generally be 1-2 inches in size. It is not uncommon for a trapdoor snail to have some algae growth on its shell.

Trapdoor snails have live offspring. Our snails are raised in outdoor mud ponds. They can be placed in indoor aquariums and do a great job cleaning your tank, however because they are raised in ponds their shells are a dark green brown color. Please note the pictures shown are a good representation of our snails, but not the exact snails you will receive.

Trapdoor snails are restricted from being shipped into WI. Always check local and state area restrictions regarding live animals.  Do not release any aquarium or pond species into public waterways. 

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