October 22, 2020
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1100 Ozark Fisheries Road
Stoutland, MO 65567

2195 State Road 37 North
Martinsville, IN 46151

Toll-Free: (800) 775-3474
Phone: (573) 381-0062
Fax: (573) 741-0413
Heavy Duty Clean-Up on the Koi Farm
The winter is typically our slowest shipping season, but by no means are we slow. We use this time to clean up tanks in our shipping department, clean up files in our sales department and clean up ponds on our … Continue reading
Shipping Goldfish in Winter Weather
Can goldfish be shipped in the winter time? Absolutely. Goldfish are cold water fish as it is, so a little chilly weather doesn’t bother them at all. However, when below freezing temps or severe weather are predicted, we take precautions … Continue reading
Wholesale Koi In Stock and Ready for You! Yes You!
Winter is upon us. Kind of. Does 50 degrees in the middle of December count for winter? With projected weather forecasts showing a warm up over the next week or so (63 next Wednesday!!), our production staff has brought in … Continue reading
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Throwback Thursdays

Throwback Thursdays

Follow us on Facebook & Instagram to see awesome pictures and read interesting facts! Throwback Thursdays
Fish Fact Friday!

Fish Fact Friday!

Introducing a new series called Fish Fact Friday. We will be posting fun facts about fish every Friday. Fish Fact Friday!
Ready for the 2020 Pond Season

Ready for the 2020 Pond Season

Ozark is ready to supply its koi wholesaler and distributor customers for the 2020 pond season. Ready for the 2020 Pond Season
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Welcome to Ozark Fisheries
Ozark Fisheries - Koi and Goldfish For Sale

Ozark Fisheries is a supplier of koi, butterfly koi and quality goldfish. We are a family owned and operated ornamental goldfish and koi farm, supplying the pet industry with quality feeder common goldfish, rosie red minnows, fancy goldfish (including sarasa comets, shubunkins, red fantails, calico fantails and pond comets), koi and butterfly koi for more than eight decades. Check out this YouTube video to understand more about our day to day operation.

We ship quality koi and quality goldfish every week of the year from our locations in Stoutland, MO and Martinsville, IN to distributors, wholesalers and retailers in the United States, Canada and Europe. With two locations to serve you, out-of-stocks are limited and quantities of goldfish and koi are abundant. No doubt about it, with our volume discounts, Ozark Fisheries offers the lowest freight costs for goldfish and koi wholesalers in the nation.

To access our pricing on goldfish and koi for sale, set up a DEALER account.

If you are an individual looking to find goldfish or koi for sale, please go to LOCATE A DEALER to find a store near you that carries our fish.


1) EXPERIENCE. Ozark Fisheries, Inc is a koi and goldfish supplier / producer that is 88 years young this year. It is a family owned business started in 1926 and currently operated by the third generation.

2) MULTIPLE LOCATIONS. Ozark Fisheries has two facilities we ship from daily. This means twice the ability to fill your order. If we are out of a size of goldfish or koi you need at one place we can generally ship out of the other.

3) AFFORDABLE SHIPPING. Ozark Fisheries can ship FedEx or UPS to your door for next day arrival or we can ship via air freight to your nearest airport. Be sure and ask us about the great rates we have using FedEx Priority, UPS Ground, FedEx Ground and DHL International. Many times we can ship your box right to your door for as little as $14.25 per box.

4) FRIENDLY STAFF. Ozark Fisheries has a very responsive staff with years of experience helping you decide what goldfish or koi best suits your needs, tracking your shipment and resolving problems with a quick phone call.

5) MADE IN THE USA. Ozark Fisheries has our own hatcheries from which we stock our ponds. Because of this, you receive the freshest and healthiest fish available domestically. To see photos of our process to harvest our goldfish and koi be sure to check out our photo gallery.

6) VARIETY. Ozark Fisheries raises six varieties of quality goldfish, as well as, rosy red minnows, quality koi and butterfly koi, snails, crayfish and tadpoles. With a large selection available year round, we are sure to fill your order for all the pond or aquarium fish you need.

7) GUARANTEE. Ozark Fisheries guarantees our goldfish and koi to arrive in excellent condition. Credit will be issued for any fish not received in excellent condition up to 24 hours after arrival.

8) COMPETITIVE. Ozark Fisheries’ pricing is very competitive, and in most cases we are less expensive than our competitors.

9) HEALTH CERTIFIED. Ozark Fisheries’ goldfish and koi are health certified. You can rest easy knowing your goldfish and koi are coming from a “clean” source.

10) CONVENIENT. Orders can easily be placed over the phone, fax or e-mail. We also offer several ways to receive our availability lists with weekly specials. Contact us today to start receiving weekly specials via e-mail.